Let’s answer your questions.

There are two options for you to register if you would like to order something from the FC-Moto online shop. You can register a new account first and come back later to order or you can create an account while you are ordering.

Click the “Account” button (in the top right corner) if you want to start by creating an account.

  • Click “Login” at the bottom left and you will see the section “Registration”. Clicking that field will open the first registration page.
  • Please fill out all relevant fields.
  • All fields with an * must be filled out, otherwise the registration cannot be completed.

You can, of course, register at a later time if you prefer – when you place your first order.

  • Click the shopping cart and then “Checkout”, then you will see
  1. Login for existing customers
  2. Order and new customer registration
  • Please click “Forgotten password”.
  • You will then be forwarded to another page via a link, where you can create a new password.
  • Sizes can differ from one manufacturer to the next, which is why we recommend using our size guides for orientation.
  • Please note that we receive these size guides from the relevant manufacturer and should be regarded as a rough guide only.
  • In the end, clothing will always have to be tried on to make sure it fits.
  • We will in that case place a search enquiry for you with the relevant carrier.
  • Please note that it can take around 8 weeks for us to receive a result for that search enquiry.
  • You can choose to have your money refunded or have the items shipped again, once we have confirmation that the parcel was lost.
  • We will keep you up to date on the progress of your order via email.
  • For more information about your order, please log in to your customer account.
  • You will receive a shipping confirmation from us as soon as we have received your payment and the shipment was sent off.
  • This email will contain a tracking code with which you can track your order.
  • Please note that it may take a few hours for your tracking code to be registered, as it will only just have been transmitted to the logistics provider when your shipping confirmation email was sent.
  • Please refuse the delivery and contact us right away of the issue.
  • If you already accepted the delivery, you will have to notify the delivery service of the issue right away.
  • You will have to report the damage in any case yourself first, before we can act on your behalf. Please send an email with details of the damage to [email protected].
  • With that information, we will be able to initiate an investigation request for you.
  • We will notify you about how we will proceed in terms of compensation or the dispatch of new goods, once the investigation is completed.
  • We will charge you 5% of the order total + shipping costs for any delivery you refuse to accept.
  • Additional fees may be incurred by the carrier, which will also be charged to you.

We offer the following payment options:

1) Credit card: Visa, Mastercard and JCB

2) PayPal

  • If you choose credit card as your payment option, then the payable amount will initially only be reserved on your card.
  • The amount will only be deducted, when the shipment is dispatched.
  • In case of part deliveries, only the amount corresponding to the actual shipment value will be deducted.
  • Please note that some countries offer so-called debit cards for online shopping in addition to regular credit cards. The amount will be debited via your card provider immediately, where a debit card is used for payment.

Please note the following if you wish to pay by credit card:

  • We recommend using a PC or laptop to place your order. Smartphones or tablet PCs may cause problems.
  • Please use either “Google Chrome” or “Mozilla Firefox” as your browser.
  • We only accept VISA, MASTERCARD and JCB.
  • Your 3D Security code will be required to finalize the payment.
  • We also offer other payment options. Please seeHow can I pay for my order?for more detailed information.
  • Server problems may occur from time to time due to high traffic at the shop. Please try again later.
  • Please contact PayPal directly.
  • Your order may have been rejected for a number of reasons, for example your account may not have sufficient funds available or there may have been an issue with your account information.
  • Server problems may occur from time to time due to high traffic at the shop. Please try again later.
  • Please contact our customer service if you want to change the delivery address or if you chose either cash on delivery or prepayment as your payment option. Please contact our customer service if you want to change the delivery address.
  • For insurance reasons, we will unfortunately not be able to make changes to payments via credit card, Sofort online bank transfer or PayPal, because these are linked directly to your bank account. If you would like to have your delivery sent to another address than the one listed in your account details, we can cancel the current order and you can create a new one with a different delivery address.
  • Please notify our customer service if you want to do that – we will then cancel the current order for you. Any payment we have received from you for that cancelled order will be refunded.
  • You will get your refund via the same payment method you selected during the order process. Your bank account details will not be transmitted to us if you chose Sofort online bank transfer. Please let us have your account details for the refund.
  • Please note that if you chose credit card payment, then the amount was only as yet reserved on your card and no payment was made (see alsoWhen will my credit card be charged?).
  • Please send us a photo of the article via email to [email protected].
  • In the event of damage, please send us a photo that clearly shows the damage.
  • In the case of an incorrectly delivered article, please send us photo of the product as well as a photo of the barcode and the label.
  • As soon as we have reviewed the case, we will contact you immediately.
  • If there is a mistake on our part, we offer you a return label for free shipping. For countries where this is not possible, we offer a refund of the shipping costs.
  • In the latter case, we need a receipt for the refund.
  • We offer you the option of returning the goods – within 30 days of receipt of the goods.
  • Unfortunately, we no longer offer exchanges.
  • Please send the goods back and place a new order if you would like to receive another item.
  • After we have received your return, we will refund you the corresponding amount within 14 working days to the means of payment used for the order.
  • A discount code cannot be refunded or paid out after an item is returned.
  • We feel sorry that we are currently unable to process exchange service. Please send back your unwanted items for a refund, and place a new order for the correct product. But you are responsible for the shipping fee.
  • Please refer to our return and refund policy for returns. (Returns & refunds

If you have any questions, please contact us

We will respond as quickly as possible.