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For every motorcyclist, preparing at least one suitable motorcycle jacket is necessary. Motorbike riding is risky, because you may expose yourself to the dangers of the road, as well as at the mercy of the weather. A right moto jacket offer you crash protection in the accident.

INPAKO Moto jacket
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Types of INPAKO Motorcycle Jacket

Mesh Moto Jacket

We must admit that wearing a bulky leather jacket while riding a motorcycle in the summer can be uncomfortable, hot, and sticky, but you shouldn't have to choose between a super-hot jacket and a terrible T-shirt without any protection. There is an ideal compromise that provides ample airflow and excellent protection, which is mesh motorcycle jacket. Mesh motorcycle jackets are made of a material that looks like a mesh and is almost porous. This allows a lot of air to pass through and keeps you cool. However, the most crucial aspect is: They provide a level of protection that is very comparable to that of a standard motorcycle jacket. Additionally, they are significantly more adaptable, which is precisely what you require in hot weather.

A mesh motorcycle jacket ought to have these features:

Leather Motorcycle Jacket

When choosing a leather motorcycle jacket, you need to consider features that affect all of these functions, like leather quality, ride style, venting, liners, armor level, and construction. When you wear your new leather jacket, the most important thing is that you should feel comfortable. It shouldn not restrict your movement or feel heavy on your body. It is a common sense that the cheaper the jacket, the lower-quality the leather. So if you have enough budget, you can choose a better leather moto jacket. Synthetic or faux leather is commonly used to make cheap motocycle gear. While it can provide better protection than not wearing a jacket at all, it can not compare to genuine leather. However, a jacket with better quality leather will have a longer service life and protect you in a better way. Before making decision, you also need to know the differences among different kinds of leather. Here we will list two most used. One is the K-leather, which is made from kangaroos is frequently used to construct expensive leather gear. It is lighter and thinner than cowhide without sacrificing performance. The other is goat leather, which is the softest and most supple because of the natural presence of lanolin.

INPAKO Motorcycle Jacket

Things to Consider When Choosing Moto Jacket


Most modern motorcycle sportsjackets come with armor. CE refers to the armor being CE-certified, which stands for Conformité Européene.There’s Level 1 and 2 armor, with Level 2 offering you better impact protection.

Some jackets come with D3O armor, which is a protective impact material, which means it is also protective. You can replace it with something thinner, lighter, and more protective. Look for Kevlar, metal, or carbon fiber armor on the shoulders, elbows, and spine for the best protection. If your jacket doesn’t come with this armor, it should have pockets for adding it after purchasing.

Most of INPAKO apparel, such as Nereus Air and Triton Air, are use CE Level 1 protective armor. If you just wear it for commuting and daily use, then it would be your good choice


It is common that Lower-quality jackets do have a liner, or if they do, it won’t be removable. On the contrast, Higher-quality jackets have a removable liner for easier care at home. Having a removable liner is nice because it makes your jacket more versatile to wear throughout the year in a broader range of riding temperatures. Thermal liners keep you warmer in the cold, while waterproof liners help keep you dry when it rains.For the new release INPAKO motorcycle jacket, the liner is removable, and you can store the liner just inside the jacket. It is convenient to use when you are riding outside.


Breathability is a key factor to measure a good jacket. High-end jackets can have perforated panels that allow for ventilation without sacrificing protection. So if you want such a jacket, just look for vents designed on the front chest, arms, and back.

INPAKO jacket with panel design is a great choice if you need one.

The aforementioned is our basic understanding of motorcycle jacket. You are welcomed to communite with us via email or leave your opinion below. We want to discuss with motorbike riders to have a profound understanding about motorcycle gear choosing. We believe that your suggestion will help us a lot in designing.

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