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Many motorbike riders may ignore the importance of wearing motorcycle pants. However, When you are in an accident, your hips, knees and feet are all points of impact and can all be injured. Motorcycle riding pants can not only protect your joints from impact damage, but also prevent your skin from scarring.

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Motorcycle Riding Pants Features

Besides abrasion resistance, waterproofness and breathablity are the most mentioned functions that riders want a motorcycle pants have, of which waterproof is divided into splash-proof, internal waterproof and external waterproof.

Waterproof effect is external waterproof > internal waterproof > splash-proof. Splash-proof is just a layer of DWR coating on the outer layer, which can only prevent light rain.

Inner waterproof can be understood as wearing a raincoat in the inner layer, not breathable, but the outer layer will still be wet, making the pants bulky. The outer waterproof function can be achieved by pressing special waterproof membrane layer into the middle of the fabric.

The special waterproof membrane layer has tiny pores that are small for water droplets but larger than water vapor, which prevents water from entering while allowing evaporated water to escape, keeping you dry.

Motorcycle Pants Size Choose

INPAKO Motorcycle pants

When choosing suitable motorcycle pants, you need to consider the following aspects.

Motorcycle riding pants should be longer when worn on your body, so that they don’t look short when you are riding because your legs are bent. The fit of motorcycle riding pants should be appropriate and not tight. Too loose riding pants will produce a shift in the protective gear in the event of an accident and will not provide the proper protection.

If you have a special body type and can’t find riding pants that fit you, you can have them custom made. You can also take your motorcycle riding pants to a professional motorcycle clothing custom store and have them adjusted. Motorcycle riding pants are designed with great attention to detail and any adjustments to the riding pants may reduce their protective function.

Motorcycle riding pants also have many features that ordinary pants don’t have, such as reflective strips to make the rider safer at night, ventilated zippers, non-slip leather, etc. A good pair of motorcycle riding pants not only protects your body, but also adds to your riding experience.

To every rider, the choice of riding pants should be one of the most stringent requirements for comfort in all motorcycle gear.

The reason for this is that as long as you wear motorcycle pants, if there is a problem with the comfort of these pants, then from going out to coming home, you will always feel this uncomfortable and awkward, not like shoes, when you are sitting and not walking, it will be okay. On the contrary, you can not ignore the discomfort caused by motorcycle pants whether you are sitting or walking or riding.

A set of good cycling wear with protective gear can achieve a completely different effect in anti abrasion. Abrasion resistance alone is not uncommon, but it’s not easy to ensure comfort while also taking into account strong abrasion resistance.

Whether it’s made of CORDURA or Denim, laminated or mixed weave, the difference only lies in how long it can resist ground friction, but all are far more resistant to abrasion than ordinary denim or work pants.

So there are some factors to define good motorbike pants, which are good abrasion resistance, good protective gear design, soft protective gear.

Features of INPAKO Motorbike Pants

1. Built-in removable CE safety gear (crotch + knee pads), effective protection of injury-prone parts of the riding movement, soft and comfortable protective gear to make wearing a more comfortable fit for the body, riding comfort and safety at the same time.

2. Front side of the thigh mesh fabric, breathable and not stuffy; wear-resistant Kevlar fabric at the knee.

3. 20cm zipper opening at the calf with reflective tooth cord, easy to put on and take off, and INPAKO brand reflective on the right side of the thigh to enhance the safety of night riding.

4. Brand round label in the middle of the outer back waist, the outer back waist has a link biker zipper.

5. Hip with non-slip leather, increase the friction of riding and saddle.

6. TPR pull tab head Velcro adjustment at both sides of the waist and legs, two sections of the calf Velcro adjustment.

7. Comfortable fleece design on the inside of the back waist, feel fine, close to the skin.

8. The left thigh below the side of the outer stitching koala woven mark, the placket brand logo button, details show the brand.

9. Left and right sides open large pockets, convenient storage.

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