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A pair of high quality motorcycle gauntlet gloves is the great partner when riding. But how to choose suitable and right motorcycle riding gloves may be a confused question. Read more about INPAKO motorbike gloves and some tips for choosing.

INPAKO motorbike gloves tips

Classification of INPAKO Motorcycle Gauntlet Gloves

We have various kinds of motorbike riding gloves available, and here we will share you some, which are classified with the season use. It is for sure that we will also have a general description of the material about INPAKO gloves used, but if you want to know more details, you are welcomed to contact us directly to get more detailed information.

Heated Motorcycle Glove

These heated motorcycle gloves are surely to keep you safe. Because, as you know, the cold numbs our fingers and greatly llimits our ability to act on the controls and brake levers, and even our grip on the handlebars, which can cause us to lose control of the bike and cause a serious accident.

We have all suffered through harsh winters and have not been able to find gloves that have kept our hands warm, and we have tried all kinds of gloves with multiple fabrics and leathers, even mitten type gloves that promised to keep warmth better than conventional ones by having 4 fingers in contact. Impossible, there is no way our hands will not suffer as soon as the thermometer drops drastically.

Let’s talk first about the Thinsulate used in heated gloves, a thermal fiber insulation created by 3M. This fabric retains body heat and offers greater comfort than most conventional insulators due to its special characteristics.

Summer Motorcycle Gloves

Summer motorcycle gloves are designed for suitable summer riding. They will vary on levels of protection, with some providing carbon fiber knuckles and others constructed of basic leather or mesh, but all of these summer motorbike gloves share a common characteristics: breathability.

Fingerless motorbike gloves are the great choice for summer ride. They have protection design in the knuckles, palm and back of the hand, and also provide air circulation for cooling. Half-finger gloves come in hard knuckle, gel palm, leather and mesh variants, along with other features such as comfortable palm pads and easy on/off pull tabs. Mesh gloves with short cuffs are also recommended for summer riders. The breathable fabric and vents allow them to stay very cool and still provide adequate finger protection. Especiall gloves with gel palm is Ideal for riders who want to relieve hand and arm pain, such as numbness in the hands during a ride.

INPAKO can provide you with both full finger motorcycle gauntlet gloves and half finger gloves basing on your need.

Winter Motorcycle Gloves

For winter gloves, the factors to consider are its warmth and waterproof design.

Warmth and insulation depend on the ability of the material to trap as much air as possible within its structure. Of course, glove linings made of this material can keep hands and fingers warm, but they can also make gloves bulky and hinder dexterity.

High performance motorcycle gloves made for winter use should be waterproof and windproof. Some types of gloves and contain waterproof and breathable membranes that make them partially or completely waterproof. The positive side of having a pair of waterproof gloves or gloves with one finger is that they protect against rain and snow.

Things to Think When Buying Motorcycle Gloves

Control Your Motorcycle Well

A pair of good motorbike gloves will allow you to maintain your grip and operate your motorcycle’s controls, always.

That doesn’t mean you can’t buy thick gloves that are well insulated for your winter riding. It just means that if you do, you should make sure they can operate your bike’s hand controls easily.

Don’t forget that bad weather can happen at any time. Make sure that if your gloves get wet, they don’t slip and you can still maintain a firm grip. Fashionable gloves are awesome but can soon become a nightmare if they prevent you from managing your bike safely in the rain.

Ride in Comfort

Your motorcycle riding gloves should feel comfortable. And they should keep you comfortable when you encounter hot sun, cold winds, drenching rain, and other rugged riding conditions. By keeping you comfortable, your motorcycle riding gloves help you to stay alert and safe.

motorcycle gauntlet gloves

Provide Safety & Protection

Your gloves keep your hands protected. Even a small fall can do some big damage to your hands, so choose gloves that can keep your hands safe from bruises and scrapes.

In addition, all sorts of things get flung up during rides. Your gloves make sure your hands are covered when they are hit by gravel, rocks, and bugs.

Of course, protecting your hands from a big fall is also vital. When things go wrong, a good pair of gloves can make the difference between permanent injury and no damage at all.

We mentioned them above, but miracle materials like Kevlar, titanium, carbon fiber, and very hard plastics are used in places to beef up impact protection on certain gloves. Sensitive areas like knuckles, palms, and fingers can be protected with the addition of these materials.

Back to leather for a moment. As we mentioned in our post, there are a lot of choices when it comes to the type of leather you can get in gloves. While the vast majority continue to be made from traditional cow leather, we’ve heard wonderful things about deer leather and other types as well. Make sure to check those out.

If you have other opinions about choosing and wearing motorcycle gloves, you are welcomed to contact us and discuss with us. Just leave your comment below. Your suggestion and opinions are helpful to us and motorbike lovers.

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